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Core Link - Your Partner in Core and Broke Roll Handling

Core handling in an integrated system

Welcome to Core Link - a worldwide supplier of:

  • Core cutting and core handling equipment
  • Broke roll handling equipment
  • Core recycling systems
  • Cooling rolls and hard chromium plating of cooling rolls
  • CLICS - Core Link Inner Core System - Cost effective multi roll packaging. Our patented solution using folded square cores for packing of paper rolls
  • Core groover - Connecting cores with mating grooves in the core ends is a sure method to avoid bouncing and core eccentricity. The patented technique is a cooperation between Metso Paper and Core Link
  • Duo-cut - The new patented method to cut cores! No remaining burr or dust inside the core
  • The Trancel Systems Brand - Pulp Bale Handling, Recycled Fiber Handling, Jumbo Roll Handling, Roll Handling, Roll Wrapping Systems, Automatic Loading, Rebuilds & Upgrades and Automation

Roll Cutter

Core recycling

Cooling rolls

To make core and broke roll
handling more efficient, a complete
analysis of the paper mill is a
natural starting point.
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World leading brand withing material handling.
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ISO 9001:2008 certified

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