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Core handling system for M-Real Sverige AB, Husum

Core Link is rewarded to deliver a fully automatic core handling system to M-Real, Husum in 2010. Our corporation go way back and the first project between Core Link and M-Real, Husum took place in 1976!
The core handling system consists of:
  • Battery driven wagon for transporting parent cores from storage to core robot
  • Core robot to handle parent cores of three different dimensions, handling of reusable parent core and unloading of parent cores from battery driven wagon
  • Core cutter for cutting cores including pulling back of reusable parent core
  • Manual table for multi core packaging
  • Automatic set cart loading unit
  • Core waste handling and dust extraction unit
  • Mill computer interface
The system is flexible and prepared for eventual future needs of extensions and/or rationalizations.

The planned delivery and installation of the system is scheduled to June 2010.

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