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SAPPI (Ehingen/Germany) has ordered fully automatic recycling system for rest rolls

Fully automatic rest roll recycling system – Core Stripper w/air transport system
Collected butt rolls are easily and safely fed onto the buffer table via hydraulic lifting table. The Core Stripper automatically takes one by one and separates the remaining paper from the core; the paper is unwound and ejected through a slitting unit, so the cores are collected in a container for being reused within SAPPI’s roll production.
At the slitting unit, the paper web is cut into small stripes and an efficient chopper fan is blowing the pieces through a piping system towards a separator at approx. 70m distance from the core stripper. There the paper is separated from the air, and the stripes are falling into customer pulper for reprocessing.



The installation/start-up is scheduled for August 2010.


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