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Fully automatic Core Handling System and Broke Roll Recycling to SAICA, England

SAICA (Manchester/England) has ordered from CORE LINK the delivery of a complete core handling system and fully automatic equipment for recycling broke rolls.

The installation/start-up is scheduled for December 2011.
Core Handling
SAICA’s standard core bundles will be placed one by one in an automatic storage. From there each parent core is lifted onto machine floor (+7m) into a core buffer. SAICA’s production control orders prepared cores via a direct data link and the core cutter will take the necessary parent core for cutting as per required production plan. These individual cores are then automatically transported to the winder in-feed. The system is prepared to be equipped with optional Core Grooving equipment (mechanically interlocking cores) at a later stage.

Broke Roll Recycling

The travelling Broke Roll Cutter enables automatic pick-up of rolls from their storage and transport them over the pulper area (via rail system). At this location, the cutting process starts, opens the roll and releases the paper layer by layer into the pulping process.
Data interface and sensor equipment assure efficient and safe operation in cooperation with the roll transport system and pulper controls.




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