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Tissue mill minimizes new parent core purchases by ordering a fully automatic core recycling system

Due to a large diameter, the tissue parent roll cores are expensive and usually are re-used few times after converting. However the core ends often get damaged rendering the whole core unusable. While down cutting to the next shorter length will improve the situation to a point, the system efficiency can be greatly improved with a Core Link patented core joining cell where shorter cores are glued together to form new, longer parent cores. 

The system being built for a confidential tissue mill in USA includes all the peripheral core handling, cutting and dust extraction equipment which allows the system to run automatically except for the replenishment of core carts, adding consumables and periodic maintenance:
  • Automatic feeding of used parent cores from core carts - no manual handling of heavy cores
  • Fully-automatic core clean cutter
  • Patented core joining cell with milling and adhesive application
  • New milling head design which can be operated with either carbide-tipped conventional bits or new long lasting diamond-tipped bits
  • Cut to length core cutter
  • Automatic loading of cut cores to core carts
  • A cartridge style self-cleaning dust extraction unit with latest explosion proofing technology
  • A briquette press eliminates messy handling of dust bags
  • Waste piece handling system
System delivery is scheduled in the fall of 2012.

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