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A tissue mill to install an advanced broke roll cutter for TAD grade

Due to softness and large diameter, up to 140", tissue broke rolls, TAD in particular, are very difficult to cut for re-pulping. Use of high pressure water jet is hard and messy work while guillotine type roll cutters do not work well - in addition both destroy the expensive tissue parent roll core.

Core Link family of patented CL400 series broke roll cutters, of which over 60 have been delivered since inception in 2000, have the following standard features:
·         Saves the core.
·         Fully-automatic cutting action
·         No hydraulics
·         Provides an even and controlled loading of the pulper and can be slaved to the pulper consistency control.
·         Optional designs include automatic roll loading/core removal, stationary and traversing models.
 In addition to the above, the latest member, CL410 T (Tissue), incorporates new patent pending features to handle the biggest and softest tissue parent rolls including TAD grade.
Special features facilitate cutting of typical less than perfectly formed tissue broke rolls.
Delivery of CL410T at a confidential tissue mill in USA is scheduled in the summer of 2012.

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