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Zellstoff Pöls AG in Austria has ordered a automatic Core Logistic System and new Broke Roll Cutter

Zellstoff Pöls AG in Austria has ordered a fully automatic Core Logistic System CL4090 and new Broke Roll Cutter CL410 from Core Link.

The different parent cores will be placed in an automatic storage system, from where a robot crane takes the chosen core type for appropriate production and loads it to the core cutter.
After cutting, the cut core set is automatically transported and handed over to the winder. – For increased production performance, the PLC includes a data interface to the mill wide system.
A separately installed Broke Roll Cutter CL410, will cut the material of waste rolls and feed it to the pulper.
It is designed to work in fully automatic mode. Signal interlocking with the pulper control, assures safe and reliable cutting and feeding of broke material.

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