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Manual core preparation

Depending on the requirements of the printers, etc., cores often need to be prepared further. For example, they may have to be reamed, notched, bevelled (chamfered), capped, grooved, etc. For these purposes, we provide a broad range of manual and automatic machinery.




Core grooving is a new technique patented by Metso and Core Link builds the machinery. The aim is to reduce bouncing in the winder, a problem which could occur winding high friction paper in high-speed winders.

Core Link developed the tape applicator to tape core ends in order to prevent "flagging" in the printing press. Flagging means that paper sheets fly out from the roll when it becomes smaller in the press.

Flagging mainly occurs on LWC and SC paper grades, due to modern former sections with better fiber orientation. This process gives less strength in the length direction in combination with loose rolls in the inner layers.

The core measuring unit measures the cut core. Typically used in core rooms with older manual cutters which don't have precise positioning units.

The machine is compact and portable. It eliminates human error and increases the overall quality of the rolls. 


The machines can either be free-standing units or they can be integrated in automatic core handling systems.

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