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CL 3090

The CL 3090 is a basic automatic core cutter designed for fast and precise cutting of cores.

After cutting, the cores are ready for winding or manual preparation. The core cutter is totally enclosed to ensure highest security and minimal sound level.


  • Cut costs and labor, reduced waste by set cutting, increased reliability, etc.
  • Easy to use, no operators needed for the cutting (allows them to do other work while cutting)
  • Cuts your different core diameters without adjustments
  • High capacity
  • High degree of safety, less noise and dust due to the enclosed design
  • The CL 3090 can be upgraded to a CL 4090 in the future
  • Customized to your requirements
  • Parent cores can be stored on different types of hopper tables or in bin hoppers
  • The cut cores are collected on a collecting table after they are cut

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