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CL 4090

Unlimited possibilities!
The core cutter CL 4090 is truly a fully automatic core cutter for fast and precise cutting and preparation of cores without the need for operators.

The core cutter can be the heart of a system for handling and preparing the cores with almost an unlimited choice of features and possibilities. The core cutter is totally enclosed to ensure highest operator safety, minimal sound level and dust exposure.



  • Reduce core waste by set cutting. Set cutting is done by using "trim width" parent cores that match the trim width. Your core  waste will normally be 2% or less
  • By set cutting, you also assure that all cores in the set have the same OD and moisture content, reducing the possibilities of uneven winding tension at the winder
  • Easy to use, minimal operator requirements
  • Cuts different core diameters without adjustments
  • High capacity
  • Plenty of options available: core preparation machines for automatic plugging, notching, bevelling, core grooving, capping, etc, cutting of mixed sets, automatic cutting of reusable cores, inkjet printers; core statistics, etc.
  • Systems are customized to your specific core requirements

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