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Automatic core preparation

To optimize your cost-savings, all core preparations can be automated, i.e. bevelling, reaming, notching, capping, plugging, grooving, etc. These stations are typically integrated into a core cutter system but can also be used as a stand alone unit, next to a manual core cutter, for example.

All systems are custom made to suit your specific mill requirements and we will develop new solutions when the need arises.


The core capper inserts the sleeve and/or cap to the core end, commonly used for newsprint, SC and coated grade cores, as well as special internal mill requirements.
The fully automatic metal capper provides the following advantages:

  • Installed in line with the CL 4090 core cutter for max. automation or as a stand alone unit
  • Both sides are capped and prick-punched simultaneously
  • Caps are delivered to the capper automatically from the cap sorters/hopper
  • Installations World-Wide

Core Link has supplied plug adapters for a wide range of plug types (plastic and wood most typical) and diameters. There are two main types of pluggers:

  • The multi plugger that can plug different core diameters without adjustments
  • The single plugger, plugging one specific core diameter

Both units are fully automatic and eliminate all manual handling reducing cost and providing better environment for the operators.

The pluggers offer the following cost saving features:

  • Installed in line with the CL 4090 core cutter for complete automation and cost reduction
  • Both sides are plugged simultaneously
  • Plugs are delivered automatically from the plug sorter/hopper
  • Custom made according to your specific requirements
  • Eliminates injuries due to manual plugging
  • Help improve set change times by eliminating plugging after rolls are wound


Core Grooving Ensures Roll Quality
Metso Patent - Licensed by Core Link.

Some paper grades are challenging to wind in two drum winders, especially grades based on 100% recycled fibres. Grooves in the core ends mate the cores together during winding which prevents the cores drifting out from the rotation axis. Grooved core ends improve winder performance also when the set consists of different core qualities. Joining cores together with mating grooves in the core ends is a sure way of avoiding core eccentricity and bouncing!

The machine can be semi-automatic or automatic.

Tape Applicator
Core Link developed the tape applicator to tape core ends in order to prevent "flagging" in the printing press. Flagging means that paper sheets fly out from the roll when it becomes smaller in the press.

Flagging mainly occurs on LWC and SC paper grades, due to modern former sections with better fibre orientation. This process gives less strength in the length direction in combination with loose rolls in the inner layers.

Core Measuring
Core Link has developed both manual and automatic equipment for measuring the length of the cut core. The system assures all cores are accurate; an eleminating problem associated with human error, and increases the overall quality of the rolls.

The machines can either be free-standing units or they can be integrated in automatic core handling systems.

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