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Parent core storage

For storing the uncut parent cores, we can offer different customized systems from plain hopper tables, core hoppers to core robots, systems for unloading trucks delivering cores, etc.


Hopper table
The parent cores are usually loaded manually and stored prior to use in the core cutter.                                                                                 

Bin hopper and Belt hopper
One core bundle of parent cores can be stored in each hopper, ready to be fed into the core cutter. The cores are usually loaded using an overhead crane or forklift truck. The bin hopper can either be single or double.

Core robots
A flexible and expandable system, pick-up robots are often used in the mill when 4-5 or more types/lengths of parent cores are used.

The core robot picks up the cores from the core racks with suction cups and delivers the cores to the core cutter.


  • Requires less headroom and floor space
  • Easily loaded by overhead crane
  • More flexible: Accepts different diameters, lengths etc.
  • Perfect for handling re-usable cores or when cutting of mixed sets


Core loading/unloading
Core Link has developed lifting devices for several aspects of core loading and unloading.

We have experience in systems for loading/unloading trucks and carts with loose or strapped bundles of various core diameters and lengths.


  • Reduces the risk of damaging cores
  • Reduces the risk of operator injury
  • Rationalizes the unloading and handling of cores and reduces the overall costs

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