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Delivering cores to winders



Set carts
In certain cases, the best way to transport the cores to the winders is with set carts. After the cores have been cut, they are automatically loaded into set carts and the operator transports these set carts to the various winders.

Different loading systems and carts are available according to your requirements.

Unloading set carts
The standard set carts can also be unloaded manually or automatically. Manual unloading can sometimes be a bottleneck when quick set changes are required. It also involves manual lifting and handling.

This can be solved with an automatic set cart unloader that feeds the cores automatically into the winder. The system can be supplied to both new and existing installations.


Transport systems
Since the first fully automatic transport system was delivered, this is now a standard solution in many mills.

These systems are made up of different conveyors, elevators, turning stations and so on for delivering cores in exactly the same sequence as they shall be used in the winder.


  • Eliminating labor for transporting cores and loading cores into the winder.
  • Reducing the space needed for storing cores at the winders.
  • Better core quality as the risk for damaging cores during transport is eliminated.
  • Cores are delivered just in time to be used in the winder.
  • Eliminates the risk of misplacing cores in the winder.



Automatic Transport System
Using a combination of conveyors, elevators, turning stations and buffer tables, these systems assure delivery of the prepared cores in exact set sequence while eliminating labor and saving space.

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