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Broke roll handling

For a long time Core Link has been working with the improvement of broke roll handling. Today we are able to offer the paper industry various solutions that involve cost savings and a more efficient production flow - the broke roll cutter for large broke rolls and the core stripper for butt rolls from converting processes.

Instead of disposing of the cores which represents a substantial value, our solutions make appropriate reuse for long-term cost effectiveness possible. This integration can be obtained in different ways, such as: a core stripper for unwinding butt rolls, a broke roll cutter handling the larger broke rolls and core gluing device recovering the cores.

Other applications are the butt roll cutter and the roll splitter.


Basic core stripper
The core stripper unwounds butt rolls of different paper grades.
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System for butt rolls
Integrated systems as conveyors and robots for butt roll handling.
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Butt roll cutter
The butt roll cutter handles tissue as well as other paper grades.
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Roll cutter
The roll cutter cuts the paper in layers, which are fed evenly to the pulper.
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Roll splitter
Both manual and automatic traditional roll splitters.
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