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Service & Spare parts (

The after-market needs can’t be neglected, it is vital in order to minimize downtime and extend the life time of equipment in the field.

Our service engineers are available locally from the service centers in USA, Finland, Sweden or central Europe and are all committed to prolonging the life of the machinery. 

We believe that routine service visits can save you money in the long run. Service agreements for preventative maintenance are one important step. The regular contact between our specialized service people and your operators gives an opportunity to discuss the mill experience from the machine as well as a chance for informal training of new operators, etc. It is also a possibility to give valuable information and advice about new technical developments on more recent installations, up-grades, etc. 

We also have full time parts department to assist you in locating and providing parts for your machine.

For ordering service visit or spare parts, please contact your Core Link office:

Company Market Specification Contact Telephone / mobil E-mail
Core Link AB


South America

Spare Parts

Johnnie Eliasson

+46 346 568 27










Martin Gustafsson
+46 709 695 054

  USA Spare Parts Karen Petri +1 920 574 2121 ext. 110  
Core Link Inc Canada Service Robert Petri +1 920 574 2121 ext. 114
  Mexico     +1 920 750 18 10  
  Finland Service      
Core Link Oy  Ralf Bäckman +358 40 509 3488








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