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Trim width cores vs Batch cutting

There are two methods for core handling - Set cutting and Batch cutting:

Set cutting
For maximum waste reduction and operating efficiency, trim width cores should be used. A trim width core is defined as a core that matches the trim width of the winder. The complete set is cut from one single parent core, thus reducing waste to an absolute minimum. Set cutting also eliminates problems such as soft rolls and uneven winding, as all cores in the set are cut from one uniform core.




Batch cutting
Batch cutting is defined as cutting cores from parent cores that are shorter than the winder trim width. The result is greater waste (10-20%) and the possibility of mismatched sets, variation in OD's, etc., causing problems in the winder.

In cases where trim width cores are physically too long to be handled inside the mill, shorter parent cores must be used. In these cases, Core Link has designed systems to optimize the usage of these cores to keep waste and labor at a minimum.

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