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Why Core Link?

Core Link has the required technical expertise and resources to assume full responsibility for all parts of core handling, from shipment and unloading to the point when the core is fed into the winder. On top of that, we have in-house knowledge to design the most effective handling of broke rolls as well as reuse of cores. Together, we will create a solution for optimum cost effectiveness and productivity.

Over several decades, we have continuously increased our experience and expertise through co-operation with the paper industry concerning customized design of machinery to meet the unique requirements of each mill.

For instance, we take an active part in the development of more productive, reliable and automated plants. Our systems feature a number of advantages, such as:

  • increased flexibility
  • highest reliability
  • improved work environment
  • cost savings
  • just-in-time deliveries
  • decreased core stock

An important aspect of our R&D policy is to cut production costs and reduce core waste. For these reasons, we have developed the technology to use parent cores in lengths that correspond with the paper machine width – a method minimizing the waste.

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