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Recycled Fiber Handling


Trancel Systems offer a complete handling system for Your Recycled Fiber Handling. Our systems can be designed for as well baled as loose paper. Our systems take care of everything from de-wiring of bales to even the flow, to exact measuring and very precise feeding into dissolver or equivalent.

The Trancel de-wiring machine is a fully automatic device for use on RCF paper bales, which completely replaces the often dangerous and demanding work which manual de-wiring means.

Through its unique design and function a very efficient de-wiring is obtained with minimum of paper spillage. The de-wiring machine is integrated with a wire coiling machine.

Thanks to the principle which is used for de-wiring, and the optimized software, the equipment has one of the highest capacities available on the market today, independently of the sizes of the bales and the number of the wires.

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