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Roll Wrapping Systems


Trancel Systems offers a wide range of spiral wrapping systems. In our wrapping family we offer stretchfilm wrapping, kraft film wrapping or the combination.

By spirally applying the wrapping material to the roll body, only one wrap width is required to wrap any roll length. This means only one unwinding stand and think of the amount of floor space you can conserve by elimination all those widths of roll wrap stock from the warehouse.

Along with our wrapping systems we can offer our unique header handling system where each header is cut to perfectly fit each individually reel. This method gives You superior edge protection and ability to save even more floor space.

We can also offer the new patented roll wrapping method from Mondecon which offers many interesting benefits for its users such as:

  • Reduced consumption and cost of packaging materials.
  • Outstanding protection of paper rolls.
  • Reduced consumption and also cost of energy.
  • The possibility to use side covers with high friction surface on the outside which is a big safety issue.

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