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Within the electrical/control automation field, we can deliver everything from service and smaller alteration jobs to complete solutions for projects, such as pre-studies, design specifications only and function descriptions, actual design drawings, programming, cabinet construction and commissioning, in short a complete commitment for a complete automation solution. Everything is done according to the clients own specifications and standards and also with a guarantee of functionality.

We utilize the most modern tools and can operate among a varity of systems. Our personnel are experienced in working independently with a high degree of freedom and own decision making, which has proven to be really important during, not at least, time limited start up periods. There are many examples of customers telling us it is easy working together with us.

We should also mention our PC-based HMI tool named CMS which gives the operator a flexible tool to operate the system. The CMS gives a comprehensive overview of the system and its status, but also is tool for the operator to solve eventual problems that can occur. The tool can also be used to gather data, store documentation, connect to video systems, etc. The possibilities are never ending!

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