Cooling Rolls

Core Link has been working with cooling rolls since 1964 and developed and patented different solutions such as the dismountable chill roll and different unique surfaces.

We have the experience and knowledge to give technical support according to your requirements.

Core Link offers extensive technical support:

  • Measurement and thermal analyze of the whole process
  • Thermal and mechanical design of the cooling roll
  • Deformation and stress analyze through
  • FEM calculation
  • Reconditioning of the surfaces
  • Internal cleaning of the rolls

We are also offering consulting assistance for the complete cooling circuit in an extrusion coating machine, also in areas like pump capacity, pressure and flows, water quality etc.

For hard chromium plating our experience guarantees the best quality surface both regarding hardness and wear resistance as well as it makes it possible to meet the specific requirements in an extrusion coating line.

The surface can be either with different glossiness or electrolytically as well as mechanically matted. For the latter we have developed special equipment, which will give us a unique possibility to supply and develop different surfaces and also guarantee a repeatability to make the same surface over and over again.


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