CL 100

This is a special core cutter, mainly used for narrow rolls in single drum winders where two rolls can be wound on one single core and then the core is cut and separated from the inside after winding.

It can also be used when the cores are misplaced in the winder causing the rolls to be wound together.

The CL 100 core cutter is often appreciated in two drum winders, when experiencing problems with narrow rolls and side runs.

  • Safe, due to the double safety function, it has to be inserted inside the roll before it is possible to operate
  • Can be adapted for different core diameters, from core ID 70 to 305 mm (2,75" to 12")
  • Easy to handle, light weight
  • Can be used together with a special cart, which makes it even easier to use and reduces the risk of damaging the equipment


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